Aveux non avenus

Table of Contents from Aveux non avenus, Cahun 1930 

Display window for the publication of Aveux non avenus, 1930 

   “Individualism? Narcissism? Certainly. It’s my best tendency, the only intentional fidelity of which I am capable.” 

- Claude Cahun, Aveux non avenus

        Despite being one of Cahun’s most famous literary works, Aveux non avenus is probably the most cryptic. This text presents a maze of Cahun’s reflections on inward topics including fear, vanity, self-love, and pride. Some consider Cahun to be a narcissist, since they seemed to be so preoccupied with discovering what truth might lay hidden inside the self, if such a thing can be said to exist. This novel, however, is more of a counter-biography. The title itself means confessions unconfessed, or disavowals. Although focused on the self, Cahun is not solipsistic -- Aveux non avenus draws its readers into a maze of collaborative push and pull so that ideas of the self as a concept in and of itself can be deconstructed for all. 

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