L'autre moi

Claude Cahun as Le Diable in Le Mystere d’Adam, 1929
Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore, 1928, by Claude Cahun/Marcel Moore

“Bronze -- silver -- glass: our mirrors are almost perfect... But even a small irritation tears them from their relaxed state, with the sound of broken glass, the reflection shatters.” 

- Claude Cahun, Aveux non avenus

       Both mirrors and photograps present a self-image in ways one would not be able to experience without the help of those mediating screens. It is impossible to see your body in totality without them, but the image they supply is abstracted in its own way -- flattened or reversed in a mirror;  flattened abnormally and frozen in a photograph. Is it possible to learn more about the self by looking at the self, seeing it as another might?     
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