Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore: 

In Pursuit of the Self

        Welcome to this virtual exhibition, titled In Pursuit of the Self, on the art and lives of Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore, who were lifelong lovers, step-sisters, and artistic collaborators. They brazenly tackled concepts of identity in early 20th century France, including gender, sexuality, and understanding one’s relationship to the self -- ideas that are more easily interpreted with our own contemporary theories than the ones circulating in their own time. This exhibition is meant to share some of their incredible work and help familiarize more people with the story of their lives. Not only were they some of the most transgressive artists of their era, they also singlehandedly piloted a resistance against the Nazi Occupation on the island of Jersey. To navigate this exhibition, click on any image to be transferred to its corresponding web page in the virtual gallery. You may also click on the section names (top left) for a more organized exploration, and “Catalogue Introduction” to find more details on their lives and read more in-depth interpretations of their work. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about these brilliant artists and partners!       
Anna Warner