Anna Warner’s Art Practice

    Hello! I’m Anna Warner. I graduated from the University of Virginia with distinction in Studio Art and Art History.
    I see the camera as an uncanny tool with the ability to transform the everyday into something that magically becomes an art object. In a world beseiged by imagery and signs, we forget how radical a photograph is, how different a flat, frozen depiction it is from the experienced world. I appreciate and experiment with all types of photography, including digital and film, alternative processing methods, and various formats. 
    In addition to my own art, I photograph weddings, fashion editorials, concerts, and portraits of any kind. I am also pursuing a career in art museums and research. 
    If you are interested in a print or hiring me as a photographer, please email me at alw8er@virginia.edu. 

Grants and Awards

May 2020 - Distinguished Major Book Award
April 2020 - Election to Phi Beta Kappa
Dec 2019 - Student Council Arts Committee Student Fund grant
May 2019 - UVA Arts Council Distinguished Artist Award in Studio Art 
May 2019 - Acceptance into the Distinguished Majors Program in Studio Art
May 2019 - Lindner Summer Travel Award
May 2019 - Miller Arts Scholar Rising 4th-year Award
March 2019 - Miller Arts Scholars Spring Minigrant
October 2018 - Acceptance into the Film Festival Scholars Program
October 2018 - Miller Arts Scholars Fall Minigrant
May 2018 - Miller Arts Scholars Rising 3rd-year Award
May 2018 - Gosnell Prize for Best 1st-year Essay 
February 2018 - Acceptance into Miller Arts Scholars Program at UVA


A portrait of me, taken by Jacob Shaw 2019

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